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About Us

Wylie East High School (commonly Wylie East or WEHS) is a public high school located in the city of Wylie, Texas.  Classified as a 6A school, it is one of two high schools in the Wylie Independent School District serving primarily residents of Wylie and Sachse, Tx. 

Wylie East High School's first year of operation was the 2007-2008 school year. During the school's first two years, it served solely ninth grade students. In 2009 Wylie East began to serve 10th graders, followed by 11th graders the following year. The class of 2012 was the first class to graduate from Wylie East.  

Each year the graduating class donates something significant to the school, from park benches, to a decorative rock logo, to a steel raider statue. These items are proudly displayed in front of the school to remember each graduating class. 

The school has undergone several construction projects to enlarge the facilities including

  • 2013 900 hall, 400 hall, fine arts, dressing room, field house, gym, weight room, and cafeteria were all expanded and artificial turf was added to the practice fields.  
  • 2016 the IMPAC building was added.
  • 2020-2021 Additional classrooms, an awning in front, the Williams Center competition gym, and a new CTE building were added. 

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Wylie East High School

Front of Wylie East High School