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Welcome to the Wylie East High School Counseling page. Scroll down to learn who each of our counselors are and their roles.

Click on our counseling resource links to find information the counselors want to share with you.  

Counselors Resources

Counseling Office Secretary

Fiona Fowler

Fiona Fowler

Academic Counselors

9th Grade Counselor (Last Names A-Z)

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

10th-12th Counselor (Last Names A-B)

Mandy Coers

Mandy Coers

10th-12th Counselor (Last Names C-Gr)

Natalie Nuss

Natalie Nuss

10th-12th Counselor (Last Names Gu-Mc)

Emily Ragsdale

Emily Ragsdale

10th-12th Counselor (Last Names Me-R)

Jeff Hattaway

Jeff Hattaway

10th-12th Counselor (Last Names S-Z)

Niki Davis

Niki Davis

Student Support Advocates

Last Names A-K

Amberly Brown

Amberly Brown

Last Names L-Z

Jennifer Caban-Hernandez

Jennifer Caban-Hernandez

What does a Student Support Advocates do?

Student Support Advocates are available to talk with students about a wide variety of issues that might be impacting them. Some of these might include anxiety, sadness, loss of motivation, relationship issues, grief, and thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

If you are in class and need to visit with the SSA, please ask your teacher for a pass to the counselor. 

If you have an immediate concern that a student may be suicidal, and it is after school hours, please call 911. Voicemails and emails left after school hours may not be received until the next school day.

Collin College Counselor

Anna Waugh

Serves all students at Wylie East HS
Office 902 E

What does a Collin College Counselor Do?

Wylie ISD has a partnership with Collin College and has a counselor on campus at each high school to help both

  • dual credit students manage the intricacies of taking a college class while still at Wylie East
  • and students planning future study at Collin College

Here are some links that can be used to help students considering Collin College make informed decisions: 

Collin College Transfer Degree Plans

If you are planning on attending Collin College, but will transfer to a different higher education institution, check out this link to help you understand how your credits will transfer. 

North Texas Community College Transfer Guides

If you are planning on attending a North Texas Community College, but will transfer to a different higher education institution, check out this link to help you understand how your credits will transfer. 

Collin College Pre-Admission Partnerships

Apply to be pre-admitted to Collin College's partner universities as early as your first semester at Collin College. Benefits of preadmission may include application fee waivers, library use, access to university advisors, admission to university events, etc. Benefits vary by university.

University Partners for Bachelor's Degrees

Local residents no longer have to leave Collin County for junior and senior-level college classes or graduate degrees. Collin College has opened the new Higher Education Center in which three university partners offer a variety of bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.